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Meredith J. Spry

Literacy/Instructional Coach

   Talitha Lowman    

  Math/Instructional Coach



           Resource Toolkit            


This wiki will provide you with the tools you will need to implement a balanced literacy framework in your  classroom!  Please see the page links below to find resources that will support and promote literacy in ALL content areas!  At KIS, EVERY teacher is a LITERACY teacher! 




TIGER Time-Reader's Workshop

Basic Workshop Structure and Teacher Roles,

"IDR5" basics,Conferencing/Assessments, Book Share, Book Clubs, Literature Genres, Partner reading, and Questioning Strategies


TIGER Time-Math Corner

Math activities, files and resources for TIGER time for students and teachers.

Comprehension Strategies and Strategy Guides

Strategy posters, CSR Strategy prompt cards, collaborations guides, and more!...                                                                               


Assessment Tools      

Links and examples of informal/curriculum based assessments that can used and/or adapted to any grade level.                                                                                            

Classroom Environment/Anchor Charts

Guidelines for creating Anchor charts,

comprehension strategy posters for display 

Research Articles         

Articles that support balanced literacy and

other literacy resources found in the Wiki  

Vocabulary/Word Study

Tips for teaching spelling and vocabulary, games, content area vocabulary, word work strategies,

12 "Powerful Words" 

Website Links           

websites that provide practical, teacher-created

ideas and activities that will promote literacy in your


Writer's Workshop

Writing Traits, 4 Square Method, rubrics,

posters and other resources for teaching writing

Book Resources                 

List of book/journal resources available for check-out

in Spry's office (H800)

Content Area Integration   

Resources for teaching literacy across

the curriculum 

Promoting Class/School-Wide Literacy 

Theme based activities, class awards, and other

class/school literacy motivators

Literacy Work Stations

Resources, rubrics, classroom management strategies, and other ideas for implementing work stations in your classroom

UNCC Multiliteracies Wiki 

This Wiki is a project of the               

Center for Adolescent Literacies at UNC Charlotte,                                

seeking to advance what it means to be literate by

expanding our understanding of literacies and texts. 

Mike Fisher- KIS Wikispaces


Other Brain-Based Learning Resources


Strategies That Work Book Study 

Resources based on Harvey and Goudvis Strategies That Work (2nd edition).  Book study guide and agendas, powerpoints, strategy guides, lesson plans, and other teacher resources.                                                                  














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